How To Pleasure A Woman

Women’s sexual pleasure

One of the things that a lot of men seem to have great difficulty with is knowing how to please a woman successfully. This means knowing how to give her an orgasm during sex so she is sexually satisfied.

You need to be reasonably good at lovemaking, reasonably knowledgeable about sexual pleasure,  and prepared to take the time to find out what your partner wants. Then, it isn’t at all difficult to give a woman great sexual pleasure.

One of things to understand is the fundamental difference between men and women when it comes to sexual arousal. Women are far slower to arouse sexually than men, as a generality. They also need far more stimulation and foreplay to reach the level of arousal at which penetration becomes desirable to them.

So men must curb their impulses to penetrate and reach orgasm as quickly as possible. In fact, rapid sex is often a way in which men deprive themselves of sexual pleasure anyway. If you extend foreplay and withhold your own orgasm as a man, your orgasms will be much more powerful and enjoyable than if you do not.

Are you willing to engage in this form of sexual interplay? If you are, you and your partner can enjoy much more pleasurable sex. You’ll also enjoy much more sexual and orgasmic pleasure and satisfaction. So how to do it? Get some advice, maybe! Read about how to please a man in bed here and how to please a woman in bed here. There is a lot of information on this whole matter available on those two websites.

How to sexually please a woman in bed

The discipline lies in curbing your enthusiasm for penetration and ejaculation! The key to this lies in making sex last longer. You need to focus on the desire to satisfy please your partner, to please her sexually, to pleasure her in bed, to give a sexual fulfillment to her….

Many men are accustomed to taking their pleasure, with little thought perhaps of the woman’s pleasure. You need to change this sexual habit, and find out a way of actually engaging in sex that satisfies her as well as you!

The expression “women come first” is about a way of making love designed to achieve greater sexual pleasure and satisfaction for both men and women alike.

What it means is that if you’re aiming for maximum sexual pleasure as a couple, then ensure that the woman comes first. The man achieves his orgasm after his partner has enjoyed her orgasm.

When she has an orgasm first, her vagina will be lubricated, tumescent and warm. This is far more satisfying for a man and from the woman’s point of view, this is a pleasurable experience too. Her arousal decreases far more slowly than his. A man might want to end sexual contact after his ejaculation, but a woman is often happy to engage in further sexual contact with her partner after her orgasm.

So foreplay which is designed to arouse the woman (and maybe bring her to orgasm) can really help to establish a wonderful sexual relationship between the members of a couple.

Now obviously there are times when we all want a “quickie” – in other words, sex to satisfy an urge. This is very pleasurable, perhaps comes from a moment of passion, and satisfies us sexually. So the thing is, all kinds of sex are valuable provided they are done in a loving way. But this, well, this is a great way of satisfying a woman.

Physical Contact As An Essential Element of Every Successful Relationship

The body of every man and woman is well supplied with erogenous zones which, if properly caressed, bring full sexual arousal. Women’s chief erogenous zones are, in order of greatest sensitivity, the clitoris, the labia, and the vagina entrance.

Next come the nipples, but though the majority of women respond readily to stimulation of them by finger and thumb and the mouth (sucking or licking), there are far more women than is realized who find such attentions to the nipples off-putting by being irritating and sometimes downright painful. The equivalent areas on men’s bodies are the penis, testicles, nipples and scrotum. 

The other sensitive zones for both sexes are the insides and, to a less extent, the outsides of the upper thighs, the perineum, behind the knees, the lips and the inside of the mouth, the throat, the nape of the neck, behind the ears, the lobes, the length of the spine, the buttocks, the anus, and the navel.

There are not many parts of the surface of the body, then, that are not sexually responsive to caresses of one kind or another, principally with the fingers, lips, and tongue.

This being so, responses to physiological stimuli, at least via some of the sensitive zones, makes physiological response universal. And of course some arousal is entirely or principally psychological: this is particularly true of the woman’s caresses of the partner, which although physiological for him, have psychologically arousing properties for her.

Well, what does turn a woman on and make her come?

A good communication system between husband and wife brings far more satisfaction than anything else except good sex! But there are specific cases – for example – if she is anorgasmic, training the muscles of her pelvic floor will go a long way towards ending anorgasmia.

Ways to give a woman an orgasm

False beliefs that (may) spoil sex – and popular ways to make a woman come!

One false belief is that successful sex involves mutual orgasm. But as we know, a woman may have one or several orgasms before her husband ejaculates.

Another is that a woman will always come during intercourse by thrusting alone. In the absence of orgasm during intercourse, people have ended until quite recently to blame the man, saying that he did not know how to make love or else was a selfish character who did not care whether his wife was satisfied or not.

Truth is, for mutual assured pleasure, a woman needs to come before her man enters her. Many women (nearly 1 in 4 in our survey) invariably come from manual stimulation of the clitoris, and about half always come from cunnilingus.