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How To Give Oral Pleasure To A Woman

The first thing is to make your woman feel relaxed about what you’re doing. In other words she’s got to believe you’re enjoying it, so any squeamishness on your part is definitely something you need to deal with before you begin to enjoy oral pleasure together.

Assuming you’ve got this out of the way, keep in mind that it’s not just about plunging your tongue straight into a woman’s pussy with your lips on her vulva! It’s about arousing her first with cuddles and caresses and intimacy. Only when you’ve actually done this can you begin to get her aroused more directly by approaching her clitoris and vulva.

Having said that, there’s nothing really to worry about. Almost any oral pleasure a woman receives is going to actually give her wonderful sensations and very probably help her enjoy orgasms, though maybe not squirting orgasms.

Needless to say, you should both be in a comfortable position, and the man shouldn’t experience any kind of backache or strain. You need to to find a position where you can relax. Despite the fact that  most women find oral pleasure arousing, it may take a while to bring her to orgasm!

Naturally it’s going to be helpful for the woman to tell her man when when he’s doing something that she likes, and it’s necessary also to give him feedback to ensure that he knows what he’s doing.

As far as you, the man, are concerned, simplicity is the best approach. Listen to her, watch her body language, and do more of what makes her feel good. (You’ll know because she’ll give plenty of signs that she’s enjoying herself!)

Oral sex and squirting / female ejaculation

Oral sex is a great way of giving a woman an orgasm – if not squirting orgasms. But, if you have a close emotional relationship with her, you may still find that the intimacy and closeness of oral sex results in her producing Amrita at the moment of orgasm. This si true female ejaculation. 

It is rather different from the production of female ejaculatory fluid which sometimes emerges as a “squirting orgasm”. These are so-named because the fluid is sometimes expelled with great force as the woman reaches climax.

However, great sex and good relationships are not just about pleasuring a woman with oral sex. They are about much more than that. As far as the man is concerned, they’re essentially about the display of a true, profoundly respectful & mature state of masculinity that a woman can respect and which makes her feel safe.

Being able to pleasure a woman is certainly one aspect of the mature masculine, but then so is being certain of what you’re doing with your own life. Being able to take control of your life, and to direct it so that you’re satisfied and happy with the way things are going is a very powerful and wonderful experience. If the idea of being in control of your own life in this way appeals to you, check out the information on male archetypes hereespecially the King archetype.

What Do Women Really Want During Sex?

I want you to think for a moment what you’d feel like if you could take your woman to orgasm every every time you have sex. And think how she would feel if these orgasms were the most intense and exciting she’s ever had!

Even better, your relationship would improve dramatically as well, because the benefits of great sex always flow into every aspect of your life, inside and outside the bedroom.

Some things are simple: women want emotional closeness, intimate connection and orgasms.  And good sex. The kind of sex which shows a woman you care about her, and of course it also means plenty of orgasms! This, simple though it sounds, really does makes a woman happy and contented.

So if you want to keep your relationship buzzing, have lots of great sex, and enjoy being with a contented partner, the best thing to do right now is to find out how to make a woman come easily and quickly – and then use those skills every time you have sex. You can see the program I recommend to help you become a truly wonderful partner for your woman in the right hand column of this page.

Could Your Partner Ever Be Sexually Unfaithful?

Most men think the answer to this question is “no”. But the truth is that women often get tired of poor sex and they do not like the lack of concern for their sexual pleasure which is shown by a man who can’t be bothered to help them reach orgasm.

Your partner expects to reach orgasm with you, and she wants to be confident enough to make her come whenever she wants.  come with squirting orgasms! Now, you might be thinking, what’s in this for me? And I understand that. Sex is – or should be – definitely a two way thing. But here’s the point: when you take the time and trouble to satisfy your partner, when you know how to make her come in a way she loves, then she’ll be very happy to give you the best sex you’ve ever had. In fact, she’ll be really eager to please you in bed…… over and over again.

And, as you may already know, there are few things in life more pleasurable than making love to a woman who’s just had an orgasm, and is wet, warm, willing, and very receptive to you being inside her.

This is sex at its best. It’s WIN-WIN for you both: you bring her to orgasm (maybe a squirting orgasm), before you enter her, then you can penetrate her and enjoy lovemaking until you come inside her, her body arching around you, her body throbbing and gripping your penis as you reach the peak of orgasmic pleasure.

The recently discovered techniques which make this possible – even easy – are available on this website right here, right now. They work for everyone, of all ages, no matter how much or how little sexual experience you have! 

Two types of orgasm – clitoral and vaginal (or G spot).

Do you know which your partner prefers, and how to give her one or the other? Just think how impressed your partner will be with your sexual knowledge and skills if you can make her come by stimulating her G spot – one of the most fun, sexiest things to do with her.

She might even ejaculate! There’s nothing like a woman gushing or squirting at the moment of orgasm to add excitement to your love life. But you need to know just how to stimulate her – and how to watch her body, which will tell you what to do and when to do it – but only if you can recognize the clues it’s giving you.

She might want to enjoy multiple orgasms too, so you’d better come prepared, knowing how to give her exactly what she wants!  While multiples aren’t exactly essential for great sex, they can be intensely pleasurable… As I said before, intercourse just won’t make most women come, at least not without a few additional tricks to arouse them.

So, when you’ve picked up my tips and tricks, you can look forward to enjoying her orgasms during intercourse – and maybe even having simultaneous orgasms, perhaps the best sexual experience you can have with a woman.

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For most couples, good sex is the foundation of their relationship. If your sex life isn’t up to much, your relationship probably won’t be working too well either. Of course, the more you know about sexual skills, positions and techniques, the easier it’ll be for you to give a woman an orgasm.


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