How To Pleasure A Woman

A Step by Step Guide:
How Any Man Can Reliably Bring A Woman To Orgasm (Every Time They Make Love)

A recent study revealed that men come 95% of the time during sexual encounters with women, while women only come 65% of the time when they’re with a man!

Why such an orgasm gap? Perhaps it’s because some men aren’t interested in satisfying their partners (oh dear!), or maybe because women offer men sex with no expectation of having an orgasm themselves, or perhaps it’s because women aren’t confident in asking men to get them off.

Whatever the reason, here’s our simple 10 step guide to giving any woman an orgasm. Follow these steps and you and your partner will always be happy, fulfilled and truly orgasmic in bed!

How To Make A Woman Come

Step 1: Set the mood well in advance, and remember foreplay begins outside the bedroom.

Don’t expect your partner to have sex with you in the evening without any preparation. Set the mood by texting her in the morning, telling her how much you want her,  and by leaving notes for her (yes, those would be notes written with a pen and paper!) These are the kind of things which build her sexual anticipation.

Although you might not understand why, this kind of “foreplay” really can lead to the best sex and plenty of powerful orgasms when you finally do get into bed with your woman.

Step 2: Ensure you enjoy 10 to 15 minutes of foreplay in bed with her before you even think about penetration.

This isn’t really very long, but it’s extremely important for her pleasure. Studies show 10 to 15 minutes of foreplay will increase the chance of your woman reaching orgasm to about 90%.

Foreplay between man and woman.
Foreplay is enjoyable and ensures a woman comes.

Enjoy long lingering slow kisses, not just on the mouth, but all over her body. Take your time to arouse her by touching her all over her body, working from her nonsexual areas to her more intimate areas very slowly and gradually to build sexual tension.

And put some energy into your kissing and your touch. That means letting your male sexual energy, your male power, flow through you and out through your lips and fingers. Do this well, with focus, and she’ll almost certainly go weak at the knees and want you inside her.

And make sure that you give her plenty of oral pleasuring too. A recent study has proved that the most powerful combination of sexual acts for making a woman come and taking her to orgasm are kissing, manual genital stimulation, and oral pleasuring. 

In fact, I hate to break the news to you guys, but a lot of women would say – “just do those three and don’t bother about vaginal intercourse!”

You see, only a small minority of women reach orgasm through intercourse alone – anywhere from 5% to 30% depending on which expert you talk to.

Fact: the majority of women find the easiest way to come is to enjoy long foreplay, followed by oral stimulation of the clitoris. What men don’t get (as they read this for the hundredth time and roll their eyes) is that you really should take the time and trouble to do this for your woman.

That’s because after she’s come, she’ll most likely want to feel you inside her…… and because she’s so aroused, and because she’s just come, the sex will be infinitely more pleasurable for you….. juicy, hot and wet. Much better than simply heading straight into her after you get into bed!

Step 3: Find out what your woman wants you to do for her. Your last girlfriend’s preferences are not transferable!

If you want to know how to make your woman orgasm, you’re just going to have to work out what sends her over the edge. But while you could have a lot of fun finding out, it might be simpler just to ask her outright.

After all, she’s most likely an expert at making herself come, and she’ll probably tell you how to do it if you ask her.

Step 4: Read her body language to see how aroused she is and respond appropriately.

If she’s arching her back, or moving her hips up and down, or she’s moaning with pleasure, it’s a clear sign that you’re heading in the right direction.

And if you’re sensitive to what’s going on in her body, you’ll be able to sense straightaway whether what you’re doing is arousing her more, or taking her off the boil.  Simple guideline: once you’ve found something that arouses her, keep doing it!

Step 5: Find out where her G spot is, and discover the best way to stimulate it.

You could do this with either a finger or with your penis if you’re a long-lasting lover. In either case you might want to add clitoral stimulation as well, because by stimulating both her clitoris and her G spot you’ll make sure she stands a very good chance of reaching orgasm.

Step 6: Find the right sexual position – one that suits you both.

Not all penises are the same shape or size. And that matters, because it’s important for you to find the sexual position which lets your penis to stimulate her sensitive spots. For some couples that might be rear entry, for others it might be man on top, and for some it could be woman on top.

Your basic objective is to find a position in which you can stimulate her G spot most effectively so that she comes easily and powerfully.

Step 7: Be physically and emotionally present for her.

As you might have noticed, a woman’s really only going to reach orgasm when she feels safe and secure with her man.

She wants you to be physically and emotionally present for her.

Reaching orgasm is very different for men and women. For women, reaching orgasm is an emotional process where – in most cases – a woman needs to feel secure and safe, if not respected and loved.

Which means you need to be romantic and sweet to her, to allow yourself to be emotional, open your heart to her, and to listen attentively to what she says without passing judgements. That way, she’ll feel much closer and more connected to you. And that means it will be easier for her to reach orgasm.

In short, a man’s emotional intelligence is one of the most important keys to enabling him make his woman come.

Step 8: Once she’s heading for her orgasm, keep doing exactly what you’re doing.

Some guys like to change positions frequently during sex because they find it exciting. Sure, women do too, but the truth is that for a woman to reach orgasm she probably needs consistent stimulation of the same kind for several minutes.

So if you’ve found a way of making love that seems to be exciting her and moving her towards orgasm, then keep doing it until she’s finished. Obviously you can try new positions and techniques any time you like, but when you find one that works for you both, stick to it long enough to enable your woman to reach orgasm.

Step 9: Remember to stimulate her clitoris. However much she likes G spot stimulation, the reality is that most women depend on clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

Stimulating her G spot can enhance a woman’s pleasure considerably, but the clitoris is the real source of sexual arousal for most women.

And, as you might have noticed, the clitoris doesn’t tend to get much attention during intercourse. There are two ways you can get round this: by using the coital alignment technique, or by using a vibrator or your fingers to provide stimulation to her clitoris during lovemaking.

In fact, by combining intercourse, where your penis stimulates her G spot, with sex toy or finger stimulation on her clitoris, you might find you both enjoy the best orgasms you’ve ever had.

Step 10: Use more than one technique to make her come.

Even when intercourse is so pleasurable for you that it’s all you want, remember that deep kissing plus oral pleasure plus manual stimulation of her genitals might still be the best way to make your woman come.

And if it is, don’t feel inadequate because you can’t make her orgasm through intercourse. Very few women can reach orgasm through sexual intercourse.

Step 11: Be generous in your lovemaking.

It’s easy for men to penetrate, orgasm, rollover and go to sleep. But only the most insensitive man would regard this as satisfactory for a woman. So stop being selfish and think about her needs first.

You’ll find that when you’ve made her come before you even start to think about your own orgasm,  sex becomes more rewarding for you both. And even better, making a woman come will make you feel powerful, masculine and confident in your sexuality.

Explains all the best and easiest ways to make a woman come.