How To Make A Woman Come

Making A Woman Come Is Easy

Whether or not you’re experiencing difficulty in helping your woman to reach orgasm, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure she has an orgasm every time you enjoy sex together.

Please do remember, though, the vast majority of women will not reach orgasm through penetrative intercourse alone.

Estimates vary, but it’s safe to say that around 75% of women are unable to reach orgasm through intercourse alone. Even many of those who claim they can come during intercourse actually use additional clitoral stimulation as they make love.

And another important point to keep in mind is the fact that research has demonstrated that over 90% of women WILL  reach orgasm if they have between 10 and 20 minutes of (the right kind) of stimulation.

So, with those two points in mind, here are the steps that will enable you to help your woman reach orgasm easily and effortlessly, every time you make love.

How To Make A Woman Come, Step-by-Step

1. Remember that foreplay begins outside the bedroom.

Spend time creating a sense of sexual anticipation. This way, you will heighten a woman’s expectation of intimacy and increase her level of arousal. For example, send her romantic SMS texts, buy her flowers, kiss her lovingly while you look into her eyes, and give her that knowing “male gaze” which tells her without words what you want to do to her. She’ll shiver with anticipation.

2. Create a loving atmosphere where she feels appreciated.

Spending time together on some shared activity can make her feel close to you. The possibilities are endless: all you have to do is think about  how to share time together in a romantic setting. This is always a great way of connecting with a woman and helping her to feel her love and desire for you.

For example, enjoying a glass of wine as the sun goes down, silently sitting together holding hands, might be a great way to connect with your partner before you actually enter the bedroom.

Incidentally, research at the University of Florence has found that one or two drinks may help women to become more aroused and orgasm more easily. This is because when a woman relaxes, her anxiety is lower, which allows her to become sexually aroused more easily.

3. Make sure you kiss her skillfully and slowly.

Couple kissing as part of foreplay.
Kissing is arousing for women and men alike.

Many women say that kissing is their most romantic turn-on before sex starts. You see, good kissing produces the stress hormone cortisol, which reduces the time it takes to arouse both you and your woman.

And bizarrely, research in Germany has demonstrated that if you tilt your head to the right when you’re kissing a woman, her brain is much more likely to release oxytocin – which not only builds trust and connection with you, but helps her to come, to reach orgasm, easily and quickly.

4.  Kiss her all over her body.

man kissing a woman's body
Kissing all over her body can turn her on.

Once you’re in bed together, make sure you kiss her all over her body, starting with the less sexual areas – arms, legs, belly, neck and shoulders. You can gradually work your way towards her breasts and clitoris and vagina as she becomes more aroused.

5. Help her to feel confident about her body.

You can do this by complimenting her on each part of her body as you undress it. Simply tell her how much you like her body to reduce her self-consciousness. This will allow her to open up to her sexuality and feel her arousal much more quickly.

6. Don’t take her underwear off immediately. Stroke her sexual areas through the fabric, rather than heading straight for her nipples or vulva.

This helps build her anticipation. And a slow approach is always more likely to help a woman get sexually aroused than heading directly for her genitals and breasts.

The thing is, if you’re too quick to stimulate her sensitive sexual areas, a woman will feel she’s being rushed, that time is short, that you’re in a hurry – and this can prevent her from reaching orgasm.

Instead, act like you have all the time in the world, while gradually working closer and closer to her nipples, clitoris, and vulva.

7. Once you’re stimulating her intimate areas, whether with fingers or lips, make sure you move slowly and gently.

A circular motion of finger or tongue, gradually edging nearer and nearer to her clitoris or nipples can be extremely exciting. You will sense her increasing arousal in the way she responds to your movements, and at some point she will clearly be ready for a finger or two inside her vagina.

Many women appreciate slow circular movements in the first inch or two of the vagina, which is where G spot, the clitoris and other sensitive areas can be stimulated.

8. Make sure that you respond to her movements and signs of arousal. If she’s becoming more aroused, keep doing what you’re doing – and do it at the same speed!

Most women appreciate consistency of stimulation. Only when she’s really aroused and on the verge of orgasm is it time to speed up your movements and tip her over into orgasm.

9. Keep in mind that cunnilingus is the most reliable route to orgasm over 8% of women.

However, every woman has her own sensitivity and preferences when it comes to oral pleasuring. But one thing’s for sure: a direct touch of either your fingers or your tongue on her clitoris may be too intense to be pleasurable until she’s really aroused.

So experiment by licking around her clitoris and up and down her labia. Watch out for her moans and movements of her body which suggest you’ve hit the spot!

10. Judge when it’s time to penetrate her and enjoy intercourse.

But also, keep in mind that intercourse isn’t compulsory in making a woman come! If you help your woman reach orgasm with cunnilingus or manual stimulation of her clitoris and vagina without your penis entering her, she’s probably going to be very willing to offer you the intimate connection of sexual intercourse after she’s enjoyed her orgasm.

However, if you do decide to go for penetration, precede it with at least 10, and preferably 15, minutes of foreplay and clitoral stimulation. That way,  she’ll certainly be primed for orgasm.

By the way, you significantly increase the chances of a woman reaching orgasm during intercourse if you use the coital alignment technique, or CAT for short. 

It’s worthwhile learning about this technique before you get into bed with a woman. Coital alignment is a wonderful way of making love which allows you to massage your partner’s clitoris with the base of your penis during intercourse…. and the sensations of orgasm can be quite overwhelming for both of you if you get it right.

11. Give her the best experience possible by stimulating her G spot and her clitoris at the same time.

This is the fastest and most effective way to make a woman come when she’s already aroused. If you’re enjoying intercourse, the rear entry position can help you here, because your penis will stimulate her G spot while you can stimulate her clitoris by reaching round her body with your hand.

12. Keep things steady. After 15 to 20 minutes simulation, your partner should be on the verge of orgasm.

Remember that women don’t like you to change the stimulation when what you’re doing is already turning them on and taking them towards orgasm.

In fact, changing stimulation can distract a woman and take her arousal way back to the beginning. So when you’re doing something that creates a positive response – judging by her moans of pleasure –  keep doing it at the same speed and pressure. 

With enough practice and confidence on your part, you might even be able to achieve the wonderful outcome of simultaneous orgasm during intercourse – but whether you do or not, you can certainly make your woman come easily and effortlessly by following our simple step by step guide!

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