Pleasuring Your Woman In Bed

Knowing how to please a woman in bed requires some sensitivity and skill on your part. Most importantly, though, you need to find out what your woman likes when you’re trying to give her pleasure in bed.


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Of course women vary in their sexual preferences, just as men do. However, the good news is that a lot of women seem to have the same sort of general ideas about what they like during sexual pleasuring. So we’re going to share that information with you, so that you’ll be better.

By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll know how to please a woman in or out of bed, and at the same time get great pleasure and satisfaction yourself.

By the way, this information comes from Cosmopolitan, which claims to tell us….

10 Steps To Pleasing A Woman In Bed

We start with what Cosmopolitan mag claimed was the least exciting for most women at number 10, and work up from there to what women say is the most pleasurable sexual technique at number 1.

10:  Play With Her Breasts More

Your woman wants you to pay more attention to her breasts. But it has to be the right kind of attention.

Most men head straight for a woman’s breasts in bed, and find great pleasure in this. Her nipples, especially, are pleasure points for most men. However it seems that what men are doing here is not what women really want. It seems that the right way to stimulate her breasts is to pay more attention to all of her breasts rather than just her nipples.

Cup your hand around the breast and lift it, or press on her nipple with whole area of the palm of your hand. When you move on to licking a woman’s breasts, you need to gently lick around the nipple before covering it with your mouth and sucking gently.

By the way, it’s the milk duct behind the nipple that is actually most sensitive. That means to give real pleasure by breast play you might want to apply a little bit more force to the nipple and the area of the breast tissue around it.

9:  Stimulate Her G Spot For Additional Pleasure

Stimulating the G spot can be very pleasurable for many women. No surprise here, I guess, because if you’ve ever given a woman a G spot orgasm you’ll know it seems to be a lot more powerful than the usual clitoral type.

A lot of people think that clitoral and G spot orgasms are one and the same thing. They say that when you put your finger inside the vagina and finger a woman, all you’re doing is stimulating the lobes or legs of her clitoris from the inside of the vagina.

To which I respond – heck, does it matter! If you know how to please a woman with fingering, then what’s the problem?

Well, the problem might be that you’re doing it with your finger – or two fingers – rather than with your penis, whereas what she actually wants in bed is to feel your erect penis inside her vagina, massaging her G spot. And that’s more of a challenge for most men who want to know how to sexually pleasure a woman. Because….

…well, bluntly, most men come so quickly when a woman starts to get really aroused that they don’t stand much chance of bringing her off, or even giving her a lengthy period of stimulation on the G spot, with their cock.

So what are you going to do about it? Do the only thing you can do, find the thing that your woman likes most in bed, or the thing that will give your girlfriend or wife most pleasure.

How are you going to establish that? Talk to her about what she wants you to do to her in bed, what will satisfy her most. Simple.

By the way, the right sex position – the one that’s going to stimulate her G spot most – is apparently a modified doggy style position. She lowers her head and chest while keeping her ass in the air. Then you hold her hips and thrust into her. As you might imagine, this will make your erection rub up against the front wall of her vagina, thus stimulating her G spot and potentially bringing her to orgasm.

8: Pleasure Her With A Quickie

The next best way to please a woman in bed is apparently to surprise her with a quickie. Note the word “surprise”.

You mean you didn’t know that? You’ve tried it before and she didn’t like it very much? Well, you don’t want to get slapped in the face here, so don’t jump on her as soon as she walks through the door, tired from the day’s work.

Use your expertise and judgment to know if what you’re going to do is about to please her or make her angry. Then when you’ve decided, don’t totally undress her, simply lift up her skirt and pull down her panties, reach around to massage her clitoris and whisper sweet nothings into her ear.

Good luck. You might need it.

Anyway, pressing on, Cosmo says that those men who wish to know how to really please a woman must know how to…

7: Gently Pull Her Hair

According to Cosmopolitan, there are thousands of nerves in any girl’s scalp, and when she’s aroused they are more sensitive. This means if you pull her hair, she may find it stimulating.

But they do warn you mustn’t do this during rear entry sex. If you do, apparently your woman might feel “used”. Come again?

Well, what they’re saying in the magazine is this: when she’s on top (missionary position), run your hand through her hair, grab a handful of hair near her scalp and give it a tug.

6: Talk Dirty to Please Her

Talking dirty seems to be one way to please at least some women in bed.

The idea here is that women are verbal creatures and so when you speak in a dirty “rude” way during sex, it turns them on more.

Well, you know a lot of rude words, you’re a man, so I’m going to leave you to try this one for yourself. Our experts suggest that if you want to really please a woman, then let her hear the burning lust in your voice as you talk dirty. Apparently it will turn her thighs “liquid with desire”. 

5:  Nibble On Her Neck

Some women are going to be absolutely delighted if you use your tongue to lick down from her ear to where her neck and shoulders meet.

Let’s hope you’re doing it in a warm room so the evaporation of your saliva doesn’t leave her cold.  Uh, hang on a minute, apparently you ARE going to blow along the trail of saliva you just left. That way, the warmth of your tongue “will couple with the coolness of your breath, shooting tingles all over her body”.

Yeah sure, and if she doesn’t slap you in the face, then you can apparently get a bit more vigorous and nip the bottom of her neck between your teeth.

4: Please A Woman In Bed By Going Down On Her

Yes, I agree with this. I haven’t met a woman yet who didn’t like being licked until she came.

In fact I’d say this was the epitome of techniques for a man pleasuring woman. Oral sex is one of the things women love most in bed, and it probably is the best way to bring a woman to orgasm.

I’m sure you know quite about oral sex already , so no more from me here.

3: Love Her Clit During Intercourse  

A woman’s clitoris needs stimulation during intercourse.

As a man, when you’re making love to a woman, you’re very well aware that your penis isn’t going to touch her clitoris. So you need to bring your finger into play and pleasure her clitoris to make her come during lovemaking.

And that’s really going to please every woman you get into bed. This, preceded by oral pleasuring, are just what every woman wants in bed, I’d say.

2: Kiss Her During Lovemaking

Apparently most guys stop kissing their woman during intercourse. And that’s a bad move, because women like intimacy, it makes them feel satisfied and happy and fulfilled.

What your woman wants is for you to pick a position which allows you to make love to her face-to-face so you can kiss her. As far as I know that means missionary and sitting sex where you are face-to-face – or side-by-side I guess.

Go for deep, slow, romantic kisses.  This does sound like a recipe for pleasing a girl. And especially so if you combine it with the fingering her clit. Then you’re going to be able to please her with your fingers, please her with your words, please her with your tongue, and satisfy her sexually at the same time.

1: Be More Aggressive

Top of Cosmo readers’ wants in bed, believe it or not, is for men to be more aggressive in bed.

In a nice way, of course.

So there you are – now you know how to please a woman in bed. Go out and enjoy!

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