How To Give A Woman Pleasure With Squirting Orgasms

How to give her an orgasm she’ll love you for…. and make your woman squirt!

1 Find Your Woman’s G Spot

The G spot is an area of tissue surrounding the urethra on the top wall of the vagina (as a woman lies on her back).

It’s between 1 and 2 inches inside, and about the width of a finger.

You’ll know when you’ve found the G spot because it has a different feel to the rest of the wall of the vagina – when a woman is not aroused, it feels rigid and rough.

As she gets more aroused, it becomes engorged with blood under the influence of sexual arousal and it gradually smooths out and becomes swollen and tumescent.

The change in feel is quite noticeable. In general if it feels rough and ridged a woman is not sexually aroused enough; in this case she may want less attention to her G spot and more attention to her clitoris. Knowing how to stimulate her G spot is essential for knowing how to make a woman squirt.

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2 Stimulate Her G spot

Although most instructions on stimulating the G spot talk about using two fingers, if your partner has a tight vagina, a slender vaginal barrel, or is uncomfortable with double finger penetration, you may want to use just one.

In any case, start with one finger and with the pad of the fingertip, rub against the part of the urethra which lies alongside the vagina. Basically, this is the area of the G spot. Stimulating it can make a girl squirt.

If you press hard, your partner will probably experience a feeling of wanting to pee, so it’s useful for her to urinate before sex. That way, she’ll be confident she is not going to release urine when she enjoys squirting orgasms.

In general, G spot stimulation is said to require quite firm pressure. But as all women are different, and many will have different tolerances to stimulation of the G spot. So make sure that you get feedback from her and find out what she actually wants.

It’s helpful to stimulate the external opening of the urethra meatus and her clitoris at the same time – so if you’re flexible and adept, and you know what you’re doing, you might want to apply oral pleasuring to her meatus and clitoris at the same time as fingering her G spot .

At some point your partner is probably going to notice that she feels the ducts on each side of her urethra are full of fluid, and perhaps slightly uncomfortable. This is, of course, the beginnings of making your woman squirt.

There are many more ducts located in the urethral sponge on the top wall of the vagina, in the area where you are stimulating. Some people maintain that these are the source of the fluid emitted during squirting orgasms – but the case is not yet proven.

3 Press Down On The Ducts From The Outside

In many instructions of how to stimulate the G spot you will see either the woman herself or her partner placing a hand on her abdomen and pushing downwards.

The idea is to put your hand on her belly in the general area of her urethral sponge and then to press down.

If she’s sufficiently aroused, and stimulation has been going for long enough, she may find that if she bears down at the same time as she orgasms she can push out the fluid, which may come out in either a steady stream or jet.

If you want to help your partner ejaculate, in other words to help her enjoy squirting orgasms, it’s necessary to get her to push out when she’s ready to ejaculate.

Ejaculation is a total-body experience, and it can be very powerful one for most women. 

The fluid a woman ejaculates isn’t necessarily consistent throughout her menstrual cycle, nor is it necessarily produced in the same quantity.

Is it urine, or something similar, or fluid from the urethral sponge?

Women who are veteran ejaculators are convinced that all of the fluid that ejaculated comes from the region of the paraurethral complex, the Skene’s glands, also known as the female prostate, and has nothing to do with urine.

Nick Hardwick in gives instructions on how to make a woman squirt which are worth a quick look.

Of course he starts, as you might expect, by making the observation that female squirting is “hot” (!) because it’s a special fluid coming from an aroused woman – and nothing arouses a man like an aroused woman.

And he also acknowledges that not everyone is convinced female ejaculation is a reality, or agrees on where the fluid prduced during squirting orgasms comes from.

However, pressing on, his first instruction is that you don’t need to apply hard pressure to make a woman squirt – rather, you need to use the right technique.

And part of this is ensuring that your woman is relaxed and feel safe and willing to completely let go. That’s really a reminder that shouting at her, and demanding that she squirts, is not gonna help bring this result about.

The Best Way To Produce Squirting Orgasms

Start by helping her to relax.

As we’ve said several times, a woman who’s going to ejaculate has to be comfortable and have a lot of trust in the man she’s worth.

His next suggestion is that giving her plenty of conventional orgasms is going to help her to get into the right mental space. Maybe.

Whatever, the next step, he says, is to insert your index and middle finger into her vagina.

But as I said above, you might want to use only one finger at this point – ask the woman what she is comfortable with. And regardless of whether you use one or two fingers, you’ll feel the G spot inside her vagina as a bumpy ridged area.

As she becomes more and more aroused, her G spot becomes smooth and beautiful to the touch.

You may have guessed that women who orgasm through vaginal penetration come probably because of the stimulation of the penis on the G spot – and that might just be a matter of the right sized and shaped penis in the right sized and shaped vagina.

In any case, that could imply, I think you will agree, that the best movement to give a woman the possibility of squirting orgasms with G spot stimulation is to use a sliding motion backwards and forwards over the surface of the G spot. (Like a penis thrusting…)

Well, maybe it is, but most self-styled experts and G spot stimulation talk about pressing on the G spot – so why not try that as well, and see how your woman reacts.

To reiterate the point we have made several times, it is someone else’s G spot you’re stimulating here, so you might just want to ask its owner what she feels is best for her.

If she’s done any of her own investigations into the possibility of ejaculating, she might already know what she wants in the way of stimulation, or it might be she’d like a shared experiment in finding out.

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