The Top 10 Things Women Want In Bed

You know how to please a woman in bed? Good. because that’s a great way to feel fulfilled as a man.

Top 10 ways to satisfy a woman in bed!

1 Be A Great Kisser

Women love kissing. It’s romantic, sensitive, and caring.

But not only that – a woman can pick up exactly how you feel about her by sensing whether or not you’re really into the kiss. She’ll know if you’re doing it sensitively and powerfully or carelessly, sloppily, and indifferently. She will sense your intention, literally feel it. If what she feels is that you’re not fully with her, she’s not likely to feel very passionate. 

Good kissing means a lot to a woman. Be a good kisser, and you’re halfway there. And don’t just kiss her on the mouth. Her whole body is a sensitive zone, waiting for you to pleasure her with your touch, with your caresses, and perhaps above all, especially in the bedroom, with your kisses.

A man who can kiss a woman well is a master lover in her eyes. As for nibbling? Do it sensitively, and don’t make a big thing of it – women like it less than you might imagine.

2 Give Her The Look That Says “You Know What I Want to Do to You”

If you don’t know what the sexual gaze is, then it’s time you found out. It’s when a man looks at a woman and his look tells her something about how much you desire her.

It conveys the message which will send shivers through her body and a tingle through her pants. It’s the look that says “I want you, I’m going to take you to sexual bliss, and make you come and come again.”

Of course it’s only appropriate to look this way at a woman who you’re already intimate with, or going to be intimate with, and who trusts you. What really pleases a woman in bed, what she really wants, is to see how much she can turn you on, get you so excited and aroused that you’re bathing in your primal male sex urge.

Again, just in case you didn’t get the message first time around: this is only for couples who know each other.

3 Undress Her Slowly

When you really know how to please a woman in bed, you’ll know how to undress her in a way that’s not only respectful and exciting for her, but which also conveys your desire.

Which, of course, you have completely under control – at least to start with….

4 Take Your Time To Pleasure Her Breasts

Don’t be coy about her breasts. She is as proud of them as you are interested in them, and if you approach them with the right stimulation, you’ll turn her on.

Women like the pleasure they feel when a man plays with their breasts, palming the breast, sucking on the nipple, perhaps even teasing the nipple gently with his teeth. But! A woman’s breasts can also be extremely sensitive, so no twisting or squeezing, unless she specifically asks for it.

Of course the art of knowing how to please a woman in bed differs from woman to woman – it would be ridiculous to think that all women are the same. That’s why you, as a man, need to be confident enough to find out exactly what your partner wants, what would turn her on, and how best to go about arousing her. 

5 Make Foreplay Last – and Then Make It Last Some More

More than any other single thing, if you want to know how to satisfy a woman in bed, make sure that you up the ante on the foreplay.

Women really want – no, need – an emphasis on foreplay. They need time to settle into their sexuality. They need time to become aware of what would satisfy them in bed.

Women need 10 times as much foreplay as men to get aroused. So if it takes you 2 minutes to get an erection and be ready for penetration, you can pretty well guarantee that a woman needs at least 20 minutes of good foreplay to become aroused, lubricated, and ready for you to penetrate her.

In reality, it’s not an exaggeration to say that many women need foreplay to start outside the bedroom and go on for days before they get into the bedroom with you.

That way they can work up to the idea of sex, they can anticipate what it’s going to feel like, they can anticipate whether yo know how to satisfy a woman in bed, and they can anticipate the excitement they will feel. Women don’t “move into” sexual situations as rapidly as men do unless they’re feeling really aroused. So, as a general rule, too much foreplay is never enough.

6 Know Where Her Clitoris Is – And Handle It Sensitively!

Get this, guys! The majority of woman reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation.  Vaginal orgasms are rare. And although you might increase the intensity and pleasure she gets from her orgasm by stimulating her G spot, she is very unlikely to come through G spot stimulation alone.

So don’t ignore her clitoris. No matter if you think you know how to satisfy a woman in bed, no matter how hard you work during intercourse, you are not likely to bring her to orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone.

Yet if you can enthusiastically, carefully and sensitively play with her clitoris in a way that she likes, and discover things to try in bed which will please her, you’re going to be a masterful lover in her eyes.

7 Let Her Turn You On

Everyone knows that a man’s penis can get erect in moments, with little stimulation, but even so, every woman wants to feel she has made it happen!

You see, for a woman, turning you on and giving you an erection by teasing and pleasing you is one of the most exciting things she can experience.

So give her the opportunity to please you – it’s not all about you pleasuring her! In other words, sex is not all about you knowing how to satisfy your woman in bed.

Sex is a mutual exchange of pleasure, and although you will be leading most of the time, she also wants the opportunity to enjoy the exciting sense of being sexual and turning you on.

Nakedness alone can be highly erotic.

Even being naked next to a naked man can be highly erotic for a woman – just as being next to a naked woman is erotic and arousing for you.

She wants to enjoy your cock and balls. They turn her on. Even so, for a woman, her nakedness also means she feels a vulnerability, which you as a man may not feel – after all, you’re the one doing the penetration, the taking, the possessing.

Whether her body is willing and ready to receive you (or not) depends on how well you’ve established a connection between you – both emotionally and physically. It also depends on how dominant you can be.

8 Penetration Is Good for Both of You

For a woman, who feels loving and intimately connected with you, having you inside her is just about the best, most rewarding, fulfilling and sexually satisfying sensation she’s ever going to experience.

Treat her desire with the respect it deserves.  And another thing you need to remember is that for a woman to be pleased about how things work out during sex, for her to be fully satisfied during penetration, her man needs to whisper something into her ear, some words of connection or love, or frankly, words of downright sexual rudeness, or he needs to look her in the eyes as he “takes her”.

9 Woman on Top Is Good for Everyone

When a woman’s on top, she can control the rhythm, speed and movement of sex, and she feels empowered.

Being on top is good for her, and it can be very satisfying and pleasurable for you to to sit back and relax once in a while.

10 Respect Her Orgasm and She’ll Respect Yours

Surrendering to her man gives a woman deep sexual satisfaction and fulfilment. And if he can bring her to orgasm with a caring and loving touch, in a powerfully masculine way, she will respond with her deepest sexuality. 

And remember that when you she loses herself in her orgasm, just for a moment as she peaks, a woman is experiencing one of the greatest highs of her life.

11 Respect The Afterglow

And don’t forget that a woman loves to enjoy sex with the man she loves. And because she loves him, she wants to snuggle together afterwards and savor the pleasure of post-coital connection.

Lying together with you in an exhausted heap after orgasm can be truly satisfying for a woman. Perhaps more than anything else, the way in which you can discover how best to satisfy a woman in bed, is by understanding that – for her – sex is about intimacy, love and connection, as well as the physical experience of orgasm.

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