How To Make Her Come – Quickly!

Whether or not you take a slow approach to lovemaking, with long foreplay leading to a delicious, leisurely climax for your woman, or master the art of giving her an orgasm in 15 minutes, you’ll certainly be her sexual hero!

The Art Of Quick Orgasm

And whether this falls within your experience or not, it can be done!

In fact, the Kinsey Institute has discovered that most women can orgasm after 20 minutes of sex. By the way, it’s also been demonstrated that a woman who can come easily and quickly wants more sex, more often. 

Since you’re the one who’s going to be making her come, think of it as “on-the-job” benefits!

So how can you achieve this desirable objective?

An expert seducer and lover knows that foreplay doesn’t begin in the bedroom. It begins outside the bedroom, and it takes many forms: the unexpected kiss, the love note in her underwear drawer, the SMS from work, taking her unexpectedly out for a treat, showing your love for her, making her feel cherished and special…. you know the drill, men, because this was the kind of thing you did when you were trying to woo her and win her in the first place. (Remember those happy days?)

15 Minutes of Teasing

Way back in the 50s, a group called The Dominoes released a song called Sixty Minute Man which became remarkable for two reasons – one, it was one of the founding songs of the rock ‘n’ roll genre; and two, it was way ahead of its time. As Wikipedia says:

The recording used Bill Brown’s bass voice, rather than McPhatter’s tenor, as the lead. It featured the singer’s boasts of his sexual prowess, of being able to satisfy his girls with fifteen minutes each of kissing, teasing, and squeezing, before his climactic fifteen minutes of “blowing [his] top”.
The chorus was specific:
There’ll be fifteen minutes of kissin’
Then you’ll holler “Please don’t stop” (Don’t stop!)
There’ll be fifteen minutes of teasin’
Fifteen minutes of squeezin’
And fifteen minutes of blowin’ my top.

For our purposes here, the important thing is the lesson this song teaches you about the importance of kissing.

Of course you don’t have 60 minutes, since you’re trying to bring your woman to orgasm in 15 minutes, so you can’t spend the entire 15 minutes kissing. However,  the truth is, the longer you spend kissing, the more likely she is to be turned on – and for that matter, so are you.

Good kissing really makes a woman melt in your arms, and not only that, it also builds trust and produces lots of oxytocin – all of which can make her come more quickly.

How to make a woman come in fifteen minutes
You can give her a quick orgasm if you know how.

Now, the other thing you need to know is that kissing isn’t just about the lips (although, as an excellent lover, I’m sure you know that already).

You can kiss her neck, without overdoing it so much that her skin becomes desensitized.

And you can gently remove her clothes as you kiss her, which will not only arouse her but make her feel good when she’s naked – especially if you compliment her on each part of her body as you undress her.

Women look for men’s approval in many areas, especially around their appearance, so by reducing her self-consciousness with these compliments, you can turn her on even more.

The last thing to come off, of course, is her underwear. That old technique of gently stroking her sensitive areas through the fabric, rather than going straight for her genitals will help build her anticipation even more.

In fact, the slower you take it, and the less time pressure you feel, the more relaxed she’ll be, and the more she’s going to enjoy what you’re doing to her.

Make Her Excited, Make Her Orgasm

Such techniques will get her excited and will make her more sensitive, and this will arouse her even more.

Please her by making her come
Excitement you give her will also arouse you – this makes for truly great pleasure and fulfilling lovemaking.

You surely know the parts of your woman’s anatomy which you can stimulate to make her come quickly – and you’ll probably know the techniques necessary to give your partner an orgasm.

By this stage she’s probably aching for you to touch her genitals, and as you might know one of the quickest and best ways to give a woman an orgasm is cunnilingus.

(In case you’re not aware of it already, moving your fingers in a circular movement, very slowly, just inside her vagina, will be tantalizing and extremely arousing for her.)

If she’s in the mood for a little oral pleasure and you’re willing to provide it (and let’s face it, which man isn’t?) you can pull her labia apart to expose her clitoris, then lift up her clitoral hood gently with a finger, and lick across the base of the clitoral glans, which you’ll find on the upper side of her clitoris.

Although it’s often said – with a great deal of truth – that most women can’t come from vaginal thrusting during intercourse, the truth is that if a woman’s sufficiently aroused, it’s possible you can make her orgasm this way…..

…..there’s a much better chance of her coming from your thrusting during intercourse if she’s aroused before you star, – especially true if you’re using the coital alignment technique.

coital alignment technique
The coital alignment technique is well worth mastering as a route to easy female orgasm during lovemaking

Admittedly, knowing how to take a woman to orgasm with the clitoral alignment technique takes practice, but it’s well worth mastering this artful form of orgasmic stimulation.

If you’re not capable of focusing on the coital alignment technique, then thrusting into her with your penis (though not too deeply), so that you stimulate her G spot, while you simultaneously stimulate her clitoris with a finger or a sex toy, is almost certain to bring her off.

Clearly, the right sex position is essential to making a woman come – in this case, the rear entry position offers you the option of stimulating her G spot as you make love to her at the same time as gently pleasuring her clitoris with your fingers.

Consistency is everything, as you might have noticed with a woman, so when she responds positively to your stimulation, maintain the same speed and pressure until she reaches orgasm. or until you bring her to orgasm.

Bringing a woman to orgasm like this is a great technique, because it provides mutual pleasure, ensures she is sexually aroused, and most likely gives her the urge to make love more often – not to mention that it increases the chance of her coming !