Coital Alignment

What Does The Coital Alignment Technique Achieve?

You may be wondering what the Coital Alignment Technique (“CAT” for short, also known as the modified missionary position) can do for you.

So let’s compare how things usually work for a couple when they have sex, with what happens during the coital alignment technique.

First: The Normal Way Of Making Love

A couple decide to make love. But a man may “forget” the needs of his partner – or choose to ignore them. He wants to skip foreplay and get to penetration!

Sometimes he may not even check with his partner whether she is sufficiently sexually aroused and lubricated before he enters her.

But what we can say with some certainty is that almost always the woman wishes they could have more foreplay before penetration.

Stimulation of the clitoris is a great way to bring a woman to orgasm!
Stimulation of the nipples or clitoris is the best way to arouse a woman.

The whole object of foreplay, or loveplay if you prefer, is to close the “arousal gap” between the man and the woman.

The arousal gap refers to how men generally get turned on very quickly,  while women take longer to arouse.

This means that a woman may not be anywhere near ready for penetration at the point where her man is ready for intercourse.

What she needs is more time to become more aroused.  In fact, she usually needs twenty to thirty minutes of affectionate, intimate foreplay before she is really ready for penetration.

Foreplay, sensuous kissing, caressing, maybe a little oral pleasure, and other delights – for the woman – will bring her to her point of no return. That’s when she feels as if a few more moments of stimulation will make her orgasm (come or cum).

A sexually experienced woman should be able to judge this point exactly.

If you’re a woman who can’t judge this, or a man who’s in relationship with a woman who can’t judge it, maybe you would like to experiment with your partner until she is able to judge this point more finely.

The number of women who are unable to judge this point is really quite surprising. As a result, even when the decision for the time of penetration is left to the woman, she often has not not received sufficient stimulation or pleasuring to arouse her to the point where she is genuinely ready for penetration.

A good guide to a woman’s readiness is that when she is really prepared – both physically and emotionally – for penetration, she will crave having her man inside her.

If the woman has not been sufficiently stimulated during sensual loveplay she will rarely reach orgasm by penis-vagina contact, even if the man can thrust in her vagina for fifteen, twenty, or perhaps thirty minutes without coming himself.

You see, most women require continued stimulation of the clitoral area by a finger or some other means during intercourse if they are to come while the penis is moving inside the vagina.

Yet very few couples make any attempt to ensure she gets this stimulation.

Once the decision to enjoy intercourse (i.e penetrative sex) is made, even assuming that the woman has been sufficiently stimulated and brought to the threshold of her point of no return, not a second should be wasted in getting the penis into the vagina. The thing is, without stimulation, she may lose her arousal….

woman and man making love
Penetration needs to be delayed until the woman is aroused and can enjoy it.

Penetration is helped if the woman reaches down between her legs, spreads her vaginal lips, and guides her man’s penis to her vaginal entrance.

No time should be lost for this because many women do indeed require continuous clitoral stimulation right to the point of orgasm.

Even a few seconds pause, and her arousal will fall back;  a little while longer, and she is right back where she started – unaroused.

If she is to enjoy orgasm with the penis in the vagina, then the man must devise some way of stimulating her clitoris after penetration – fingers, or vibrator.

Fortunately, if a woman’s arousal does fall back, she generally doesn’t need such a long stimulation to bring her on a second time. But if she is not so stimulated, then she will not come.

Second: Coital Alignment – The Modified Missionary Position – How It Works

Many a woman has gone through her adult life without having an orgasm during lovemaking for the reasons given above.

The first thing such a woman might do is to think about the stimulation techniques she and her partner employ. This may lead her to find some way of getting clitoral stimulation while enjoying intercourse.

The second thing a couple might do is employ the coital alignment technique. 

The coital alignment technique is a variation of the missionary position.

As you may know, in the coital alignment technique the man lies on his partner and then shifts his body upward along his partner’s body.

He stops at the point where his erection is pressed downwards, towards his testicles. At this point it will be pointing more or less vertically “downwards”.

The top of his penile shaft, and his pubic bone, will then be pressing against the woman’s clitoris.

Now, the couple move their hips up and down rather than forward and backwards. in other words, there is no thrusting! The whole aim is to put rhythmic pressure on the area of the woman’s clitoris.

Unlike the missionary position, the man’s body moves downward during the inward stroke, and upward during the outward stroke.

At the same time, his partner rocks her pelvis so that she moves downwards at the same time; but she does this slower than him, so their bodies are in contact. This is when her clitoris is stimulated.

Then, as they begin to move upwards, she dictates the movement and he responds to her; at the top of the rocking movement, she is once again ready to meet his downward stroke and be stimulated by his movement.

To accentuate the movement, the woman can wrap her legs around her partner’s. Basically, sexual movement is focused in the couple’s pelvises, and there is little or no leverage from their arms or legs.

Although this sounds complicated, it is a lot simpler to do than to describe – and full instructions are provided on this video.

The rocking upward stroke (where the woman sets the pace and controls the movement) combined with the downward stroke (where the man sets the pace and controls the movement) builds arousal that will develop and peak into orgasm naturally. 

This is often a very different type of orgasm due to the longer period of build up and stimulation for the woman.

(If she wants to get on top of her partner, and use the same movements in reverse, then this is known as the “reverse coital alignment technique”.)

The CAT and Female Orgasm

You can use the Coital Alignment Technique as an easy approach to enjoying female orgasm during intercourse.

Believe it or not, penile penetration is the least effective way of all to give your girl a satisfying orgasm.

In fact, around 85% of women will never orgasm by penile penetration during intercourse. 

This is because penetration produces insufficient pressure and friction on the vaginal wall to result in female orgasm. (There is one exception though –  if you can constantly and accurately hit her G-spot with your penis she may well reach orgasm).

But, generally, for a woman to reach orgasm, constant clitoral stimulation is far more effective than stimulation of the vaginal wall or G spot. This is because the clitoris has far more nerve endings and is far easier to stimulate.

The problem is that penile penetration involves little contact with the clitoris, and so the woman is left without orgasm, no matter how satisfied the man may be when he comes!

The coital alignment technique can help a woman come because instead of penetrating in and out, as in typical thrusting, there is a different movement of penis in vagina.

Here, an up-down rocking of the man and woman’s pelvises produces profound stimulation of the female clitoris from the repetitive “meeting” of the man and woman’s pubic areas.

Scientific studies have shown that the Coital Alignment Technique effectively improves the chance of female orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Of course, the CAT technique is not the only way to go. G-Spot stimulation is another way to go but it is harder to master than the CAT technique.

Doing The Coital Alignment Technique?

You may still not know exactly how to do the CAT position.

By the way, if you want the original reference you can click here. It has also been explained in detail on the website

Coital Alignment – Getting Real

My partner and I have explored this sexual position over the last few months.

After some experimentation, she finally experienced her first orgasm during sexual intercourse in the CAT position. I can summarize our experience with the CAT position like this:

Things To Be Aware Of:

  • Done correctly, the CAT position is supposed to give a woman an orgasm every time.  Maybe, but my partner and I needed to learn the technique with a lot of practice before getting her to orgasm. Furthermore, female orgasm is not just about the sexual technique a couple use during lovemaking. Men need to appreciate that, for a woman, reaching orgasm is not just about receiving stimulating to the clitoris, but also about feeling loved and being in the right environment.
  • You can have simultaneous orgasm with your partner with Coital Alignment Technique. Yes, you can, but I don’t think there is anything in the CAT position that inherently encourages simultaneous orgasm. It’s more an emotional synchronization, at least in my personal experience. But, having said that, when your partner starts to come, you may well tip over into orgasm too!
  • For the woman to achieve orgasm, the CAT position cannot be varied. Not true, small variations are not only possible but desirable to maintain comfort. 


  • The Coital Alignment Technique helps the female partner to achieve orgasm sooner during sexual intercourse. Yes, and so does any other position that stimulates the clitoris during lovemaking.
  • The CAT delays male ejaculation. Yes, it does, because it reduces stimulation on the penis compared to direct in and out thrusting in the conventional missionary position.
  • It requires a fair bit of practice before you can get your first orgasm with CAT.

Ready for the CAT Position?

If you are new to Coital Alignment Technique, give the CAT position a chance to improve your love life by trying it with your partner. Talk about it first. That way, both of you will have the right expectations.

If you get it right on the first shot, well done! If not, well, don’t get frustrated, practice makes perfect… and more importantly, enjoy the process!

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