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My name is Rod M. Phillips, and I’ve been studying human sexuality since I left university in 1983. So that makes me 56 years of age. I believe I’ve had a life well-lived, because I’ve been able to take advantage of my personal circumstances to explore human sexuality. I’ve employed both my scientific background (I have a degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge) and my fortunate family financial circumstances to further this interest. 

But my experience goes beyond a mere interest. I set out on a journey of exploration of human sexuality. To be exact, female sexuality. This was entirely for my own benefit, of course, but it has been an interesting and instructive journey, during which I have learnt a lot of things which might be of great benefit to a wider audience.

During my journey I’ve explored Tantric sex, sex coaching, sex surrogates, enhanced orgasm techniques, and different techniques for female sexual pleasure. I’ve also explored many methods of personal development: counseling, psychotherapy, psychodrama, trauma resolution, men’s work, and more. Best of all, I’ve overcome my own difficulties and now have a great sex life with a long term female partner.

I cannot guarantee that the information on this website is 100% correct. After all, much of it is personal opinion. But what I do know is that it offers good guidance and is a great starting point for any man who wishes to explore female sexuality further than the average man ever does. There are plenty of places you can go to develop your own knowledge and experience, but the best might also be the closest to home – your own intimate sexual relationship. 

And if you don’t yet have such a relationship, then perhaps my information on sexual techniques and how to pleasure a woman might serve to help you get into one! After all, women, I have learned, are just as keen on achieving sexual pleasure and satisfaction as men. Unfortunately, it seems few men ever bother to become great lovers. Perhaps you could become another exception to this rule?

With best wishes,

Rod M. Phillips


Explains all the best and easiest ways to make a woman come.