Orgasm By Command!

Giving A Woman Orgasms Is Easier Than You Think!

Pleasure Her As and When She Wants It!

Orgasm By Command is a powerful system for making women come on command.

This is how it works: you program your partner with a signal of some kind, either a word, or a particular touch, or some kind of sound, or even a gesture, that instantly takes her into a massive orgasm.

She’ll be conditioned to respond to your signal with a massive orgasm.

But can this really be true? 

And if a woman comes easily anyway, why would you even want to program her with a signal that could make her orgasm on command? 

Fun, excitement, power, control. That’s what it’s about. Sexual tension, sexual power play. Sexual pleasure.

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Doesn’t it give you a thrill, if you’re honest about it, to think of yourself having power over a woman, sexual power so dominating that you can take her to orgasm whenever you want?

And don’t you think that most women would find the power of a man who can do this for them incredibly sexy?

Orgasm on command is a reality
Orgasm on demand – can this be true!

Any orgasm by command system just plays into our basic sexual programming! The male dominant and the female yielding. The man displaying sexual power and his partner’s acceptance of that power.

And isn’t the idea exciting for everybody, man and women alike?

You’re damn’ right it’s exciting. 

And that’s what’s on offer with Orgasm by Command.

Controlling the Female Orgasm

Let me make it completely clear this isn’t about BDSM (aka bondage-dominance-sadomasochism).

You may already have a dominant-subordinate relationship with your partner in the bedroom.

But here, we’re talking about a setup where the woman is “programmed” to achieve orgasm without duress, without coercion, without being tied up and forced to come.

You might find that idea exciting, but that’s not what this is about.  It’s about “anchoring” a signal in a woman’s mind and body which takes her into orgasm.

Orgasm denial, orgasm power-play, and forced orgasms are different things, and they’re in the arena of BDSM.

Pleasure On Command For You!

sexual skills for men
Make a woman come with this extraordinary program of sexual skills for men.

I’m interested in anything that will make my sex life more interesting and more rewarding.

So here’s the thing: because I used to have a relationship with a woman who couldn’t reach orgasm, a condition known as anorgasmia, I explored how to use some kind of “training program” to make it easier for her to reach orgasm whenever she wanted.

And what I came up with was Orgasm By Command, written by Lloyd Lester. (Check it out here!)

And by orgasm, I’m not talking about a modest little orgasm, I’m talking about thrashing, screaming, writhing, mind blowing orgasms which will give her the biggest sexual thrill she’s ever had.

Phew. Here’s a video all about it. It’s too long, so watch some of it, and take it from me, this woman comes on command. And you can do it, too.

The whole process can be shorter, quicker, easier – and completely safe. (Without needing some creepy guy to hypnotize your partner.)

YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF quicker, easier and more powerfully with NLP! That’s what Orgasm By Command is designed for…

“Orgasm By Command” will do this. But I don’t expect you just take my word for it.

I’m sure you’re ready and willing to give your partner as much pleasure as possible when you make love.

But whether you can do it or not is another matter, so my suggestion to you is this: read what I have to say here and then decide if you think this is likely to introduce massive, mind blowing orgasms into your relationship.

When all’s said and done, that’s a decision only you can make. 

Foreplay and Intercourse

When a woman has a massive orgasm during what we usually call “foreplay”, it makes her much more ready to have sexual intercourse.

You’ve probably noticed things are different for men.

The majority of men lose interest in sex once they’ve reached orgasm.

But when a woman’s had one orgasm, her sexual juices are flowing, and she’ll often want to come again. And the hormones released in a woman’s brain when she comes will always make her want close emotional connection with her man (more than anything else, at that moment).

In fact, after a woman’s had an orgasm, she wants to show her man how much she loves him.

She needs to show him. She almost demands sex, demands that he makes love to her, because accepting his penis into her body is, for her, the ultimate act of love and bonding. In the female brain, love really can mean making love. You might call it having sex. Same thing, different words, is all.

And because she’s already turned on, it means passionate sex is on the menu for you…. when you’re the lucky man who’s given her a mind-blowing orgasm in the first place!

How to make a woman come in fifteen minutes
What does she mean by sexual satisfaction? Orgasm on Command, perhaps?

So here’s the deal: give a woman mind blowing orgasms, and you get mind blowing sex. It’s a win-win situation. That’s one of the main reasons why you might want to help you woman Orgasm On Command.

Does Orgasm On Command Work?

The idea is that you train your woman to quickly reach orgasm in response to a specific signal or stimulus that you give her. It’s almost like a hypnotic response, although if you know anything about this you’ll understand when I say it’s much more about NLP than hypnosis.

Simple summary: Orgasm By Command offers the prospect of better orgasms for both you and your partner. Can the program, the techniques, deliver on that promise?

I’ve known Lloyd Lester a long time. Even before he launched the program, he invited me to try it out. That’s why I can make some intelligent comments and give you feedback on what he’s done in the demanding field of orgasm control!

In fact, I’ve had plenty of time to look at it, try out the ideas on my partner, and to explore the possibilities of controlling my partner’s sexual responses and making it easier for her to orgasm in this way.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At What’s Inside…..

When you log in to the members’ area of Orgasm By Command you find a very professionally designed layout.

That’s a great thing! It means a lot of time, effort, and money have gone into the program. And in fact, Lloyd Lester gives you SEVEN amazing, orgasm packed e-books and audio recordings!

Yes – what you get when you buy your membership for Orgasm By Command is 7 e-books, each with an audio version.

These e-books tell you about every detail of orgasm control, everything you need to know to make it easy for your partner to reach orgasm every time you have sex.

Yes, you get seven e-books, with EVERYTHING you need to have a great sex life.

The first e-book gives its name to the program: it’s called Orgasm by Command.

According to the author, Lloyd Lester, it’s an advanced collection of sexual techniques that can make a woman enjoy intensely powerful orgasms on command, instantly.

We’ll see if that’s true down below…. but meanwhile, the other 6 e-books include:

  • The Sexual Mentalist, which is subtitled How to Get Her Thinking Dirty About You
  • Sex She Craves, subtitled Dirty Delicious Sex Secrets Women Wish You Knew
  • Bad Girls Sex, subtitled How To Tease Out Her Naughty Side
  • Push Her Pleasure Buttons, subtitled Sexual Techniques That Will Make Her Plea for Mercy
  • And Sexual Confidence Escalator, subtitled Skyrocket Your Inner Game in the Bedroom


The main e-book in Orgasm By Command is full of techniques that will allow you to take a woman to orgasm fast. And a massive orgasm, at that!

Most women have difficulty reaching orgasm from time to time, but Orgasm By Command is something that will make achieving climax easy, quick, and very simple.

How does orgasm control work?

First, the techniques let a woman relax completely, take her get fully into her body, and clear her mind of all distractions. And when that happens, the power of the female orgasm can be truly astounding.

You might wonder if it can really be this easy. Sure, I once thought like that.

I know the author of Orgasm By Command – Lloyd Lester – personally. I know he’s counseled thousands of couples about how they can enjoy better sex and experience more rewarding and powerful orgasms. If anyone knows about this stuff, it’s him.

orgasm by commandDiscover all this astounding knowledge and information in this amazing program and e-book.

The essence of reaching orgasm easily – for a woman –  is about being calm and relaxed, and feeling safe and secure.

And when a women feels completely secure, safe and comfortable during sexual activity she’ll reach orgasm much more easily. She’s not worrying about whether she looks (or smells) OK. 

She’s not distracted by the thought that her body might not be good enough. She feel sexy, confident, womanly. She feels the essence of female sexuality running through her body.

And she just relaxes into a beautifully sexy pool of female sexuality where orgasms bubble to the surface without any interference from her conscious mind.

Good news for you, then, that the main e-book of Orgasm By Command explains how you can devise an “orgasm trigger”, a signal you can implant in a woman’s mind and body, like a button you can press…. a button that will take take her to orgasm in seconds.

Sidebar: You might have read something about the latest neuro-linguistic programming or NLP techniques. If you have, you’ll know that an anchor is a simple stimulus that you can link inextricably to a certain outcome. Maybe you’ve seen a stage hypnotist practicing a certain kind of NLP, getting dupes on stage to perform all kinds of strange acts after they come out of a hypnotic trance. They do these in response to a certain kind of trigger, implanted when they were in a trance, that can later make a person do something out of control of their conscious mind. NLP techniques are similar, but they’re much easier, safer and simpler than stage hypnotism.

NLP and Orgasm On Demand

All you have to do is link a woman’s orgasm to a certain stimulus, so that a stimulus, or trigger, becomes associated with a state of high arousal and orgasmic experience. Reaching climax, in other words.

Then, with practice, and by using the right words in the right techniques, you can instantly take your partner into a state of ecstatic orgasmic bliss just by using the trigger, whether that’s a touch, or a sound, or a gesture.

I want to emphasize that although this may sound a bit like science fiction, NLP techniques have been around for a long time. They are well proven. They work.

And, using the right techniques, they are really simple and easy to implant.

So this e-book shows you that all process of implanting an anchor into woman’s mind, so that you can apply that trigger, and take her to a state of instant orgasm. 

The key is that the trigger is implanted very powerfully the subconscious mind. (You might have to link the trigger to the orgasm more than once to reinforce the connection.)

Here’s the amazing thing: your sexual partner doesn’t even have to know what you’re doing.

And she’s not likely to object when she finds that this technique can make reaching orgasm easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

You can understand, I know, that this technique can really take your sex life into orbit, skyrocket your sexual satisfaction, and help you achieve more orgasmic pleasure than ever before.

For The Long Term Lovers Among You

Couples living together for a while often find sex gets boring. It’s a fact of life. And it happened to me and my partner. So, without her knowing, I decided to apply the techniques from orgasm on command … just out of interest, you understand!

My partner’s never really had much difficulty reaching orgasm, but it does take time…. 20 minutes on average, sometimes more, sometimes less — and that’s not including the foreplay, the kissing and cuddling beforehand…. and, you know, enjoyable although it is, I’m a man, and like most men, to put it bluntly, I sometimes want a quick f*ck. And that’s natural. But life isn’t that simple, is it?

Pleasuring a woman who’s aroused, ready to have sex, and really horny, can be time-consuming. I’m sure you know some great ways to do it: oral pleasure, mutual masturbation, rubbing, kissing, licking….. plenty more too.

But, again, let’s be honest: cunnilingus can give you a crick in the neck. Foreplay that goes on and on can get boring. And as for masturbating your partner, well, I’m sure we all have experience of that going none-too-well.

Orgasm Is Different In Men and Women

A lot of people think this is because of the fact that men have much more testosterone. Forget it.

The real difference is all in the mind. Women need to feel safe and secure, and relaxed, and confident, before they can move into a place where they can enjoy orgasm, their peak sexual response.

So when YOU bypass resistance to orgasm on command by using an NLP trigger, you find sex takes on a whole different dimension.

Just imagine what this might mean in practice. Suddenly, by applying this trigger, YOU can generate intense sexual desire in a woman, in your partner. YOU can get her craving sex when YOU want to make love.

And then when you are making love, you can use this technique so that she comes uncontrollably while you’re f*cking. Now how does that sound?

And the real magic of this anchoring technique is that she doesn’t even need to know what you’re doing.

Let me emphasize there is nothing manipulative or deceitful about this. As it happens, we all implant triggers in each other all the time in everyday life. This time, you’re doing it for a specific reason, for a specific purpose – to give you and her immense orgasmic pleasure on demand.

Let me emphasize again: Lloyd Lester shows you exactly how to do this. He leaves nothing to chance, he explains every detail of how you can apply NLP techniques to sex.

This is the simplest, easiest and quickest route to sharing massive orgasms. And there’s another astounding benefit.

Just imagine the effect of fully satisfying your woman will be on your relationship.

(If you don’t know what that is, let me tell you that an orgasmically replete woman transforms your relationship, because she feels loving, relaxed and respectful of you. Everything is harmonious, everything is easy.)

Now, why would you wait any longer?

Click here to find out how Orgasm By Command can take your sex life to the next level.